Our Story

We're big believers in the power and excitment of learning something new.

But finding an instructor that is both reputable and affordable can be challenge! Online forums and classifieds can be overwhelming and unreliable, while clubs and academies are often too expensive or require a commitment level that new learners are hesitant to invest. Weigo bridges the gap by directly connecting players with coaches.


Megan Charity


Megan hails from South Africa, and has played and coached tennis all her life. She played on professional league in Europe before moving to America on a tennis scholarship, and has coached in top tennis programs at the private club and D1 collegiate levels. She is now a competitive pickleball player, as well, and competes at the national level.

Barrett Worthington


Barrett is a Darden ’17 graduate with a background of 6 years in mobile/digital at National Geographic in DC. She has led teams of both creative and strategic nature and has extensive project management experience. She spent her childhood summers on the tennis court in NewYork and eastern Long Island, and now enjoys playing both tennis and pickleball in Charlottesville, VA.

WEIGO LLC is an online platform that provides top-tier tennis and pickleball instruction and events to the Charlottesville community. Our goal is to make racquet sports more affordable, accessible, and enjoyable to the public.